Medigold Health are currently recruiting for the following positions: Screening Nurse (RGN) - Based at Birmingham Clinic Minimum of 3 days per week Required to undertake medicals, give vaccinations, phlebotomy Must have rail experience Qualified OHA - Based at Stansted Full-Time Airside Medicals plus Case management experience Qualified OHA - Covering Romford/Stratford/Central London Full-time Full OH remit including vaccination & phlebotomy Qualified OHP - Based at Stansted Minimum 3 days per week Required to undertake Airside medicals Qualified OHA - Based at client site in Scarborough Full-time Full OH remit including health surveillance,…Read more

Better breaks can improve workplace health

One in 4 people in the UK complete a working day without taking a single break and 36% eat lunch at their workstation. Recognising that these trends are not good for workplace health, Occupational health providers, Medigold Health, have put together some tips for how office workers can better schedule, and make the most of their breaks. With the arrival of spring just round the corner, now is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and start taking small steps to boost your energy levels. Finding the motivation to improve your…Read more

Medigold Health opens new Premier Clinic

As the provider of choice for many employers, leading occupational health providers, Medigold Health, continue to invest in their customer service by increasing their occupational health footprint within in the UK, with a new Premier Clinic in Salford. Recent investments have resulted in the following benefits for Medigold’s clients looking to improve workplace health and boost business productivity: Market leading technology to improve health screening A new mobile surveillance fleet A complete upgrade of Medigold Health’s existing 62 medical clinics. The new Premier Clinic in Salford Medigold’s new Premier Clinic will not only…Read more

Happy International Women’s Day!

As part of International Women’s Day, please meet Geny Foster - Medigold Health board member who has been with us from the very beginning. We’ve asked her a few questions regarding her journey as a woman within the Occupational Health industry. 1) Can you give us a short summary from where you started, and where you are today? I joined Medigold Health in 1998 coming over from the Construction Industry. I came armed with good secretarial skills and a strong work ethic, but my IT skills were very limited and my knowledge of…Read more

Being overweight brings increased risk of 11 types of cancer

Researchers have now found that being overweight could increase the risk of a host of cancers following a wide review of more than 200 studies, reported The Guardian on 28 February*. According to previous figures from two leading charities, almost three quarters of people are expected to be overweight by 2035, with 700,000 new cases of obesity-related cancer expected over the next 20 years. Implications of the new international study This new study, by a team from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, reveals that there is currently strong evidence for a…Read more

Employee absence is costing the UK £29 billion a year

Whilst this alarming statistic is a bitter pill to swallow, it is not all doom and gloom for UK organisations. A recent study from the CIPD shows there have been small signs of improvement in national employee absence levels, with the average decreasing across all sectors to 6.3 days per person – the lowest figure in 7 years. What has been driving this reduction? In short, better collaboration, understanding and monitoring. Collaboration. Organisations are taking a more collaborative approach between their HR and Occupational Health functions. Historically, OH has often been viewed as…Read more

5-a-day fruit and veg recommendation doubled

Eating a minimum of 10 portions a day of fruit and veg may give us longer lives, say researchers based on a recent study by Imperial College London and reported on the BBC.  Their findings indicated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year and that specific fruit and veg can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.  Their conclusions were made by pooling data on 95 separate studies, involving two million people's eating habits and were published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. How much do we need?…Read more

Vitamin D pills ‘could stop colds or flu’ says new research

It has long been thought that Vitamin D,  which is made naturally by people's bodies if they get plenty of sunlight (hence its label the ‘sunshine vitami’) is vital for healthy bones.  Now, it is thought that it also has a key role to play in boosting the immune system. The immune system uses vitamin D to make antimicrobial weapons that puncture holes in bacteria and viruses, but as vitamin D is made in the skin while out in the sun, many people have low levels during winter. The QMUL Study To date,…Read more

Why love is good for you

Scientists have long been keen to prove that love brings huge health benefits.  Researchers have always been keen to find evidence that LOVE - in it’s widest definition of kinship and caring - can fight disease, boost immunity, and lower stress. The health benefits of ‘love ‘: Here’s what The Studies say that Love does.  It: Protects against heart disease - A University of Pittsburgh study found that women in good marriages have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those in high-stress relationships. Helps you live longer -The National Longitudinal Mortality…Read more

Why managing stress could be even more important than ever

New research indicates that stress could be as significant a health risk factor for the heart as smoking and high blood pressure.  It’s a finding which will make today’s employers sit up and listen because it again highlights just how important managing stress is today for maintaining health in the workplace. A new US study published in the Lancet and reported by the BBC on 12 January 2017 found that constant stress on a deep-lying region of the brain explains the increased risk of heart attack. It is hoped that by exploring the…Read more