More than 25% of diets fail due to unhealthy snacking at work

A recent survey focusing on British eating habits at work has found that more than 25% of diets fail because of unhealthy snacking in the workplace. The top three unhealthy snacks were found to be biscuits, chocolate and crisps. Healthy choices such as fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt and crackers lagged far behind.

The Fruyo research showed that a third of all snacking occurs at people’s desks. In addition, 8% of people admitted to snacking in secret while at work, either behind their computer screens or in the toilets.

Boredom appeared to be the number-one reason for unhealthy snacking, followed by the urge for an unhealthy treat and a lack of energy. Media, marketing and design workers blamed stress for unhealthy snacking. Almost 50% of health sector professionals were found to reach for the treats tin on a daily basis, with teachers and accountants close behind.

Fruyo spokeswoman Alison White said: “It’s apparent that some sectors are more inclined to eat unhealthily than others, blaming our habits on office treats. It also seems many of us feel pressured by our colleagues to snack out of sight.

“To help with this unease and promote healthy snacking, we’re challenging local businesses across the country to make smarter choices and swap their usual cookies and crisps for healthier snacks to feel the difference both within themselves and across their workplace.”

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