3 steps to controlling your worries

Worry and stress go hand in hand and if staff appear worried all the time, it can impact on health in the workplace and on the productivity of your business.  As an employer, it’s worth gaining an improved understanding of the issue of stress and leading occupational health providers, Medigold, have come up with this crib sheet which will help staff to overcome their worries.

A three-pronged approach

Whether you are ‘worried all the time’ or just worried about a specific issue, you can control this emotion in a very positive way and enhance your resilience to pressure and stress. If you are worried about something, then try this exercise. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. The columns should be headed:

  1. Define the worry
  2. Worst possible outcome
  3. Damage limitation
  • Defining the worry

In the first column write a clear and accurate definition of the problem that is worrying you. If it is a complex problem with several different aspects or problems, then define each one separately. In the case of these ‘cluster problems’ it sometimes happens that if you solve just one of the components, the rest simply evaporate!

  • Consider the worst case scenario

In the second column, write down the worst case scenario. Usually you will find that this is not the end of the world! Once you have psychologically faced up to the possibility of the worst possible outcome, the worry usually loses a lot of potency.

  • Damage limitation

Now you have resolved to accept the worst, should it occur, and live with it, you are ready to move on to damage limitation. In the third column write down all the things you can possibly do to ensure that the worst does not happen. In other words, how can you minimise the impact?

Quite often you will find that, in column 2, when you are identifying the worst possible outcome, the problem isn’t really worth worrying about!  In other  words, it helps you to establish some perspective; and if you identify that something isn’t worth worrying about then column 3 becomes redundant.

Seek expert advice to relieve the pressures on workplace health

Leading occupational health providers, Medigold Health, can work alongside your staff to help them become more resilient to whatever pressures they may be facing.

If you are concerned about the impact of staff pressures on health in the workplace, contact Medigold today to find out how we can help.

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