4 Prevalent myths about flu and the cost of sickness

As the colder weather sets in, the likelihood of catching flu is set to increase. However, misconceptions about the virus can be misleading and may even put people at risk of contracting the illness. The four most common myths about flu are that:

  • Healthy people don’t get flu. The truth is, anyone can catch flu. The NHS estimates that up to 20% of the population contracts flu every year, healthy people included.
  • The side-effects of the flu vaccination are really bad. For the most part, side-effects of the seasonal flu vaccination are mild or even non-existent. You may experience a slight soreness around the site of the injection and occasionally some aching of the muscles or a slightly raised temperature, but severe symptoms are rare.
  • The flu jab isn’t safe. The risk of having a serious reaction to the seasonal flu vaccine is lower than one in a million. This is a considerably reduced risk compared with the risk of getting seriously ill from flu itself. The only people who should not have the vaccine are those who have a severe allergic reaction to hens’ eggs, which are used in the manufacture of the vaccine.
  • The flu jab can give you flu. It is impossible to get flu from having the flu jab because the vaccine doesn’t contain any live viruses. Side-effects similar to flu symptoms might occur, such as aching muscles, but this is simply your immune system responding to what it thinks is a flu attack.

How Medigold Health can help

Sickness and absence can have a significant impact on workplace productivity, so cutting the risk of flu can also help to reduce the cost of sickness for your business. Medigold Health will work with your employees to make them aware of the risks, to take the right precautionary steps and to stay away from work if they do have a cold or flu to prevent spreading the virus. Sickness and absence can also be reduced by introducing the flu jab to your workplace.

Our flu season assistance service will help to ensure that your employees are as protected as possible from the illness and that they are able to return to work promptly if they do become unwell, cutting the cost of sickness dramatically. If you are interested in keeping your staff healthy this winter, contact Medigold Health today.

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