7 Reasons to walk each day and improve workplace health

Brisk walking – that’s striding out and walking faster – is good for your health!  Here are 7 good reasons why it’s worth walking more briskly and building this into your daily and workplace health routines:

  1. Brisk walking will tone your legs, arms, bum and tum
  2. It will improve your strength, balance and posture.
  3. Walking in the morning, say to work, will help counter lethargy.   Early morning starts can be a struggle but walking to work awakens the mind leaving you feeling highly energised, alert and ready for the day ahead.
  4. Walking can dramatically improve concentration levels.  A walk to work, for example, will help you prepare for the working day ahead .
  5. Because walking is a low impact exercise compared to running, for example, it is not as strenuous on your body so you should feel refreshed and not fatigued afterwards.
  6. Walking is a great way to reduce stress, helping  you de-stress from your hectic everyday life. Take time to switch off from work and see the beauty in the small things around you like birds tweeting, traffic noises, flowers planted along your route, trees, architecture. Appreciate what’s around you.
  7. Walking is a great way to unwind.  You may find it difficult to unwind from a stressful day of work; so walking acts as an after work “cool down” or “stress buster”. You will be more relaxed in the evening and you will see your sleep improve.

All these benefits make it well worth employers giving serious consideration to actively encouraging staff to walk, both as part or all of their journey to work and during work breaks.

Improving workplace health

Paying more attention to the physical health and fundamental needs of staff and encouraging them to make lifestyle changes such as becoming more active at work and home can make a big difference to general health in the workplace.  As this Bristol research found, if your employees are looking after themselves well, they are more likely to meet targets and less likely to take time off due to stress and anxiety.

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