Better breaks can improve workplace health

One in 4 people in the UK complete a working day without taking a single break and 36% eat lunch at their workstation.

Recognising that these trends are not good for workplace health, Occupational health providers, Medigold Health, have put together some tips for how office workers can better schedule, and make the most of their breaks.

With the arrival of spring just round the corner, now is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and start taking small steps to boost your energy levels. Finding the motivation to improve your daily habits can often be a struggle, so teaming up with colleagues so you’re all in it together, can make it much easier to change habits:

  1. Team Walks

Pair up with a colleague and go for a brisk 15 minute walk each lunch time. You will find it will help to get rid of any stress that’s built up in the morning and give you a quick energy boost ready for the rest of the day.

  1. Home cooked lunch challenges

Eating more healthily provides your body with a better standard of ‘fuel’ to power your energy levels. Challenge each other with a healthy home-cooked lunch rota amongst the team. This will encourage healthier eating options, team spirit and personal motivation.

  1. Lunch away from your desk

Make a pact with your colleagues to eat lunch away from your workspace at least two days a week. Taking a break allows you to unwind, re-focus and boost your productivity. It will also give you an opportunity to get to know your workmates better and build stronger relationships within the workplace.

  1. Stretch regularly

Working in the same position for long hours can cause problems in the shoulder and neck regions. Try these exercises 2 or 3 times throughout the day to relieve shoulder and neck tension:

  • Shoulder Shrugs

1: Keep the back straight and your head and neck still

2: Now raise the shoulders towards the ears, then lower and relax the shoulders

3: Repeat the exercise until you feel more relaxed

  • Neck Flexes

1: Keep your back straight and your shoulders still

2: Slowly lower the right ear towards the right shoulder

3: Return your head to the starting position

4: Repeat the exercise this time to the left

  • Shoulder Pull-down

1: Stand up and place your hands behind your back holding the left hand in the right

2: Gently pull your arms downward until you feel a stretch in your shoulder

3: Relax and repeat

Seek advice to improve workplace health

Occupational health providers, Medigold Health have been offering UK business owners and employees advice for many years, with the result that forward-thinking company directors have seen vast improvements in productivity and in long-term workplace health.

Contact Medigold Health today to find out how your business could also benefit.