The impact of obesity on workplace health

Recent research from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has revealed that, at 24.9%, the UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe. Obesity levels have more than trebled in the UK over the last 30 years and current estimates suggest that more than half the population could be obese by 2050. The rapid rise in obesity has been attributed to the modern lifestyle, including an over-reliance on cars; time spent watching TV and using computers; the consumption of high-calorie food; and performing desk-bound jobs. The impact of obesity on personal health…Read more

Do your people ‘know their numbers’?

How many people in your workplace know the important numbers, for example the amount of exercise we should do per week, blood pressure levels, cholesterol scores or units of alcohol drunk? These numbers are key health benchmarks that allow people to easily monitor and evaluate their health behaviour and status. Health screening findings Medigold Health delivers health screening programmes across the UK for both public and private sector companies. Having consolidated the profiles of all organisations into one ‘average employee population’ profile, Medigold claims that people really need to take action: Weight loss:…Read more

The impact of the ‘Monday blues’ on UK business

Like ‘man flu’, the ‘Monday blues’ is often considered an exaggerated condition and one that should not be taken seriously. However, research from health charity Mind suggests that the Monday blues could actually be behind a significant amount of sickness absence. Health in the workplace has become increasingly worrying for employers, with sickness absence costs continuing to rise. Figures from Mind show that: 25% of Brits feel their weekends are ruined by the thought of having to return to work on Monday morning 25% said they have cried at work as a result…Read more

Medigold Health advises Line Managers to watch for early warning signs of work pressure

In line with recent findings by the mental health charity, Mind, one of the UK's leading occupational health providers, Medigold Health, is advising HR departments to train their Line Managers to spot the early warning signs of work pressure as part of their sickness and absence management strategies. Mental health in the workplace policies are crucial The mental health charity Mind, in its mental health at work campaign ‘Taking care of business’, found that organisations are under increasing pressure to stretch resources and boost productivity and that these strains are being passed onto…Read more

Obesity epidemic hits health in the workplace

According to recent results from health screening undertaken for UK businesses by leading occupational health experts, Medigold Health, almost two thirds of people today are at an unhealthy weight :  34% of people are classed as overweight and an additional 30% of people are classed as obese. The Medigold Health findings concur with today's health industry statistics generally which estimate that  58% of women and 67% of men in the UK are overweight or obese. We simply eat too much, eat the wrong types of food and are not active enough in our…Read more

How to keep your heart healthy

Cardiovascular disease – which includes heart disease, heart failure, stroke and congenital heart disease – is the UK’s single biggest killer in terms of disease. According to the British Heart Foundation, cardiovascular disease causes approximately 74,000 deaths each year in the UK; around 200 each day. With nearly 2.3 million people currently living with coronary heart disease, it is important that employees and employers work hard to promote healthy habits. The role of the employer A range of factors may contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and employers do not have control over all…Read more

How to stop smoking

According to Cancer Research UK, tobacco consumption is the greatest cause of preventable illness and early death in the UK. Its figures show that approximately 102,000 people died in 2009 from smoking-related illnesses. With this in mind, it is important that employers provide support for workers who wish to give up smoking as well as protecting non-smoking staff members from inhaling second-hand smoke. Employers’ responsibilities regarding smoking While employers cannot force staff members to stop smoking at work, they do have clear responsibilities to their employees. They should ensure that: There is a…Read more

Avoiding stress in the workplace

According to the latest figures from the Labour Force Survey, 428,000 people in the UK suffered from stress in 2011-12, accounting for 40% of all work-related illnesses. As so many employees experience stress, it is vital that employers have a strategy for preventing workplace anxiety and pressure and that employees receive the support they require should they experience stress in the workplace. Stress prevention measures for employers Employers are responsible for ensuring that workers are not overburdened or expected to take on more than they can cope with. It’s important that managers are…Read more

Why use placement screening services?

The aim of placement screening is to verify the credentials of prospective job applicants and to ensure that they meet the preconditions of employment; namely that they are fit for work and able to do the specific job in question. Carrying out employee screening can help to protect businesses from loss of earnings and even litigation should an employee who is not deemed fit apply for a position. Employee screening must be undertaken in accordance with: The Data Protection Act (1998), which affects the processing of an individual’s personal details The Employment Rights…Read more
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