What causes productivity drain and how to avoid it

Our energy levels dictate not only what we can do, but how well we do it. If energy levels are low, productivity within and beyond the workplace drops significantly. Recent research from Cambridge University and Rand Europe involving 21,000 employees from across the UK showed that 12 major factors are contributing to a loss of productivity through presenteeism and absenteeism.

Top 12 causes

According to the survey, the 12 top causes of productivity drain are, in rank order:

  • Having financial concerns
  • Sleeping less than seven hours per night
  • Being underweight
  • Being overweight
  • Physical inactivity
  • Adding unhealthy fats to meals
  • Showing symptoms of depression
  • Being subject to bullying in the workplace
  • Having strained relationships with colleagues
  • Being subject to unrealistic demands in the workplace
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Having at least one musculoskeletal disorder

Avoiding productivity drain

As five of the top six causes of productivity drain are directly related to energy levels, workplace healthcare specialist, Medigold Health, works with companies to improve employee wellbeing and increase productivity. By focusing on issues such as activity levels, good sleep and healthy eating, Medigold has helped workers live healthier, more productive lives by making small but lasting changes. This has benefited employers across the UK, many of whom have noticed huge improvements in productivity as well as a drop in the cost of absence due to sickness and stress.

One of the services offered by Medigold Health which can help to avoid productivity drain is their Business Athlete programme.  This programme is proving particularly popular with organisations looking to increase energy levels within the workplace and companies that have put it in place have seen employees become more active, handle their work more effectively and take less time off work due to ill health.

If you would like to cut the cost of absence or are looking for general advice about workplace healthcare, contact Medigold today.

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