How to develop your own get active campaigns

With studies revealing that adults of working age in England average 9.5 hours of sedentary behaviour each day, many business owners are looking to increase activity levels within the workplace. Sitting for too long can reduce energy levels and, in the long-term, lead to serious disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This can lead to lengthy sickness and absence, which can prove costly for business owners.

When it comes to developing a get active campaign, the first rule is to sit less and move more. The following steps will help your staff do this without making huge changes to their working day:

  1. Stand for three or four minutes every 30 minutes if you are desk-bound at work, and always move around during advert breaks when you are watching television.
  2. Stretch your body when you stand up, but avoid bending backwards as this can strain the back. Focus instead on lifting your chest, rolling your shoulders forwards and backwards, and trying to stand taller for a few minutes.
  3. Gradually cut down your sitting time by two to three hours per day. Aim to be in the parked position for no more than five hours in total. If you have to be seated for longer, take regular active breaks.
  4. Walk for 10 or 15 minutes at lunchtime and straight after work. Try to walk more during your commute by parking a little further away or getting off public transport a stop earlier. Use the stairs rather than the lift and treat toilet trips as a movement break.
  5. Walk and talk to colleagues where possible rather than phoning or emailing them. Always make and take phone calls standing up.

Reducing sickness and absence at work

Medigold Health has been offering UK business owners and employees occupational health advice for many years. As well as workers experiencing increased energy levels and better health, company directors have seen vast improvements in productivity and in long-term health.

As sickness and absence can be extremely inconvenient and costly for businesses, it is worth investing in programmes that will help to reduce short and long-term sickness absence. If you are looking for occupational health advice, contact Medigold Health today.

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