Energy boosting tips for your workforce

Energy imbalance can lead to higher levels of mental and physical illness; reduced creativity, decision-making and innovation; lower levels of resilience to pressure and stress; weaker work performance and lower life satisfaction levels.

Occupational health experts, Medigold, have put together a useful checklist of energy-boosting essentials for staff.

Four energy-boosting essentials

People can boost their energy levels by thinking about what they eat, sleep and exercise. However, it is also important that individuals think about the rhythm and pace of their lives, ensuring that they intersperse peaks of high activity with periods of rest and recuperation. The four essential factors required to enhance daily energy levels and to improve performance at work and quality of life are:

  • Eat for energy
  • Sleep better
  • Move more
  • Manage the rhythm of your life

“I will” statements

The four factors above can be set out as eight “I will” statements, which can be built into workers’ daily routines to facilitate major change:

They are – “I will:

  • Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up”
  • Arrive at work feeling restored”
  • Schedule breaks in my day”
  • Keep refuelling through the working day”
  • Drink more water/non-caffeinated fluids”
  • Exercise more”
  • Relax before bedtime”
  • Get a good night’s sleep”

Occupational health advice from Medigold Health

Many business owners are all too aware of the cost of sickness absence. While some absence is unavoidable, adhering to these eight “I will” statements can really help to reduce the inconvenience and cost of sickness absence.

Medigold Health can help employees follow these rules and identify potential health risks before they become serious. Our team offers professional and valuable occupational health advice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us today to find out how Medigold Health can help you.

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