Five key ways to tackle high blood pressure for improved workplace health

While colds and headaches come with obvious and unpleasant symptoms, high blood pressure can go undetected, with fatal consequences in some cases.

To maintain healthy blood pressure levels, there are five key steps individuals can take:

1. Staying active. Ideally, people should remain active for at least three-and-a-half hours per week, which equates to 30 minutes per day. Engaging in regular aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, running or cycling will help reduce blood pressure.

2. Watching the weight. People can find out what their weight should be using this BMI calculator and should plan to lose a little weight if they need to.

3. Eating healthily. Recommendations are to eat at least five portions of vegetables and two portions of fruit each day.

4. Cutting down on salt. Health experts advise eating less than six grams of salt a day. This means avoiding adding salt while cooking and at the table. It is also advisable to check food labels for salt content. To be considered low in salt, food items should contain 0.3g or less of salt per 100g of product.

5. Reducing the booze. To reduce the risk of high blood pressure, it is advisable to limit alcohol consumption to three units per day for men and two per day for women.

Get help from an occupational health provider

As a business owner, sickness and absence can prove extremely costly. As high blood pressure can lead to a broad range of serious illnesses, it is in your best interests to encourage your employees to watch their blood pressure.

Medigold Health’s occupational health experts will work alongside your staff to ensure that they make the right lifestyle choices.

If you are concerned about staff sickness and absence and would like to find out more about our occupational health services which can help contact Medigold Health for further information.

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