Focusing on energy levels to improve health in the workplace

Our energy levels dictate not only what we can do but how well we complete each task. Energy levels are based on various key factors including:

  • How well we sleep
  • How fit we are
  • How well we eat
  • How well we rest and recover

Often people think carefully about the first three but fail to focus on rest and recovery between periods of hard work. Statistics show that people can achieve more in less time by spending less time working tired and more time working with energy and focus. By concentrating on these four core issues, we can ensure that our energy levels are regularly replenished.

Avoid flatlining

It is important that people pace their energy usage throughout each day. The term ‘flatline’ describes somebody’s heart rate pattern when they have died. The term, ‘flatline day’ is used to describe a day when people are constantly operating at the same pace or intensity without any breaks. The shared term is used because it is impossible for people to operate like this day after day. Those who try will eventually burn out or drop with exhaustion, usually after a period of reduced performance and poor judgement followed by a series of mistakes.

Finding a steady rhythm

The key to energy management is to live life with a clear rhythm. Peaks of high-energy work should be interspersed with recuperation troughs. These should include breaks, relaxation or simply slowing the pace. It is important to:

  • Schedule regular breaks during the day
  • Take time out to eat lunch away from the desk
  • Work for 50 minutes at a time with a 10-minute break
  • Take a five-minute break after every meeting
  • Use the evenings, weekends and commuting time to unwind
  • Use flexitime tactically
  • Use all holiday entitlement, saving days for long weekends or half-day rest days during stressful periods

How a health surveillance programme could help

As a business owner, you may not be aware of all the stresses and strains on your employees. That’s where Medigold Health comes in.

Our health surveillance service helps employers to ensure that any risks, including fatigue and stress, are effectively managed and monitored to provide a safer workplace and improve overall health in the workplace.

Contact Medigold Health today to find out more.

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