How health screening worked wonders for a major insurance provider

Health checks in the workplace provide an opportunity for employees to find out whether or not their blood pressure is healthy; a major benefit considering that around 30% of people in England have high blood pressure. Regular health surveillance also allows workers to put right emerging problems and to receive personalised advice on staying healthy long term.

A major insurance provider ran Medigold Health’s health screening programme in 2012, which revealed that 33% of its staff had high or borderline high blood pressure. A range of wellbeing initiatives were delivered over the following 12 months, covering exercise, weight and healthy eating.

Results of the health surveillance programme

When a follow-up health screening programme was carried out 12 months later, the results showed that:

  • The proportion of people with healthy blood pressure had increased from 67% to 72%.
  • 43% were exercising at desirable health levels compared with just 25% the previous year
  • Weight, waist size and cholesterol levels all improved over the 12-month period

In addition, participants were more satisfied with their sleep and daily energy levels as a result of the exercise, weight and healthy eating initiatives.

How health screening could help your business

Sickness absence can cause great disruption to a company, not to mention the cost involved. Medigold’s health surveillance programmes help to reduce sickness and absence by identifying any risks right away and helping employees to make lifestyle changes that help to reduce these risks, or to get the medical treatment they need.

Contact us today to find out more about Medigold Health’s health screening programmes or for general occupational health advice.

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