How can employers encourage healthier eating in the workplace?

As a business owner, you may not feel that it is your place to tell your employees what to eat. However, as workplace health has a direct bearing on the success of your business, it is well worth exploring the best ways to encourage staff to choose healthier dietary options.

Occupational health expert Medigold Health has been working with UK companies for many years to promote active lifestyles and healthy eating for all employees. It provides education and information campaigns that explain the impact of poor diet on health and help to facilitate better lifestyle choices.

While snacks are important as they form a critical part of many people’s nutrition needs, its advice is to make the most of snacks by picking healthier options. This way, energy levels remain consistently high without piling on the weight that comes with less healthy snacks. It advises employers to:

  • Make use of its proven awareness campaigns
  • Encourage employees to drink more water. Eight cups of water a day will boost energy levels more than fizzy or caffeinated drinks
  • Make healthy snacks such as seeds, nuts, and fresh or dried fruit more available to employees
  • Discourage workers from eating at their desks
  • Encourage staff to gradually cut out bad daily habits, such as having a biscuit with every cup of tea

Medigold’s health screening programmes

Medigold Health’s lifestyle and health screening programmes help employees understand their health credentials and where they need to take action.   They offer:

  • Full results and a personal report at each appointment.
  • A corporate screening programme report for employers detailing population health profiles compared with the ‘average population’ along with employee engagement data and feedback forms.
  • Healthy heart checks (cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure)  which take just 10 minutes per person, allowing us to see more than 40 employees in a single day.

Contact us today to find out more about health screening and for general advice about improving workplace health.

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