How you can make your workforce more resilient to pressure?

Every employee feels pressure at some point or another; however, some are less resilient than others. Stress has now overtaken musculoskeletal disorders as the number one cause of sickness and absence. This has been linked to the impact of increasing demands on employees, who are working harder and for longer, with fewer resources. While these stress factors are beyond our control, we can all develop our resilience to such pressures.

At Medigold Health, pressure and stress management is our most requested topic for workshop and seminar services. We approach it by helping participants develop personal resilience in a positive and pragmatic manner.

This involves establishing an understanding of pressure, its relationship to stress, and developing simple, practical coping strategies and tools to enhance personal resilience.

Customised workshops and seminars on resilience

Our occupational health advisors will meet with you prior to the seminar to:

  • Develop training programme content so it is specifically targeted to meet your needs and requirements
  • Identify the HR policies and support services you already provide that help to develop resilience. We will promote these during each session.
  • Establish a customised evaluation process
  • Plan a suitable training schedule

Medigold Health’s workshops and seminars are based on motivating behaviour change by establishing simple daily habits. Each attendee will receive:

  • A series of ‘Resilience Insight Exercise’ handouts
  • Targeted action points to follow
  • Access to our wellbeing resource centre website for four weeks after the session
  • Signposting information to your wellbeing services and stress management HR policies, as well as for specialist support agencies

At Medigold Health, we are dedicated to reducing sickness and absence. If you want to hear more about our stress management services or about other strategies to improve health in the workplace, contact us today.

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