How to recognise the signs that workers are under pressure

Pressure is inevitable in life. Often it is the stimulus we need to motivate us to do things well. However, we react to things that put pressure on us in two ways. If we believe we can manage them effectively they can lead to personal growth, but if we feel we cannot cope with them they cause stress.

Stress arises from the way we perceive a situation. If we believe we are unable to cope with the demands of a situation, that situation becomes stressful. So, what is stressful for one person is not necessarily stressful for another.

Our ability to cope with and manage pressure is determined by our resilience. Resilient people recognise the warning signs that they are under too much pressure and effectively employ coping strategies when the pressure gets too much. They recognise:

  • Changes in their feelings and emotions
  • Changes in their behaviour and attitude
  • Changes in their appearance

These are all signs that people are under strain or stress and are not reacting well to the pressure they are under. People who are more resilient respond better to pressure because they have developed the ability to:

  • Live a more balanced life
  • Talk and seek help from others when it’s needed
  • Employ positive and proactive coping strategies

Occupational health advice

Rather than waiting for pressure to build up among your workforce, it is worth introducing a health surveillance programme. Medigold Health’s trained staff are able to identify the early signs of stress and to advise on how to reduce pressure levels in the workplace.

Getting the right occupational health advice could improve staff wellbeing, ensuring that employees are as healthy, motivated and productive as possible.

To find out more about Medigold Health’s health surveillance services, contact us today.

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