The impact of the ‘Monday blues’ on UK business

Like ‘man flu’, the ‘Monday blues’ is often considered an exaggerated condition and one that should not be taken seriously. However, research from health charity Mind suggests that the Monday blues could actually be behind a significant amount of sickness absence.

Health in the workplace has become increasingly worrying for employers, with sickness absence costs continuing to rise. Figures from Mind show that:

  • 25% of Brits feel their weekends are ruined by the thought of having to return to work on Monday morning
  • 25% said they have cried at work as a result of stress
  • Nearly 20% have claimed to be ill because of pressure at work
  • Around 8% leave their jobs each year because of stress

Millions of workers in the UK call in sick or even resign from their jobs each year because of work-related stress. According to government figures, the collective cost of sickness absence is £9 billion each for employers in sick pay and related benefits alone.

How Medigold can help

The team at Medigold has a wealth of experience when it comes to preventing stress in the workplace. Our occupational health experts can assess stress levels, set up effective health surveillance programmes and work hard to ensure that staff members do not take time off because of pressure in the workplace.

A spokesperson for Medigold says:

“Working conditions have been incredibly tough over the last few years and people are struggling to cope with the extra demands of working harder, longer hours and under more pressure. Increasingly, it is being recognised that organisations that look after their staff reap the rewards of reduced sickness absence and increased productivity.”

If the Monday blues are affecting your staff, contact Medigold today for guidance.

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