Medigold announces new business athlete seminars

Lack of energy is considered to be one of the biggest health complaints in the UK which is why occupational health provider.  Medigold Health, has put together a business athlete workplace health programme designed to encourage staff to produce their best results, without feeling completely drained.

Fulfilling a workplace health need

Workplace healthcare expert Medigold has seen time and time again that employees’ energy levels dictate not just what they can do, but also how well they do it.

“An individual’s energy and physical resilience are critical for high-level performance,” says Head of Employee Wellbeing, Richard Holmes.

Many people fall into the category of ‘business athletes’ as they desperately try to be productive at both work and at home while running close to empty.

All about the seminars

With this in mind, Medigold has devised a business athlete seminar programme. Designed for employees in all fields, it comprises:

  • a 90-minute seminar provides workers with the tools they need to manage their energy resources and to boost productivity.
  • A four-week follow-on programme which allows employees to take relevant action following the seminar.

“Based on established energy practices, this seminar programme will help your employees to develop simple and sensible daily habits that, if followed properly, will result in a significant increase in their daily energy levels and their resilience to pressure and stress,” adds Richard Holmes.

Are you seeing the signs of a tired workforce?

If you are seeing low energy, poor productivity and resulting sickness absence in your workplace, or would like to look at ways you can prevent this, Contact Medigold Health now to find out more about these business athlete seminars – just one of Medigold’s extensive range of proven workplace healthcare initiatives.

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