Medigold Health 20 Years & Beyond…

Medigold Health is proud to have been in the business of keeping people in work, safe and well for 20 years, with the 10th of February officially marking our 20 year birthday. Our success and longevity is testament to the loyalty of our employees and customers over the years and we are grateful to all who have helped us along the way. 

To celebrate such an achievement of growth and resilience, we held an internal company event in Birmingham with over 400 out of our now 500 strong employee base attending the day to celebrate successes and longevity. Looking across the room you could truly see the scale of our growth, both organic and through recent acquisitions and what a better way to integrate everyone than all meeting in person.

We kick-started the day with an inspiring speech from Our Executive Chairman & Founder Dr Mike Goldsmith, who welcomed and thanked employees both new & old.

“Medigold Health has always been a family business and we have worked to  the same values and principles that make and sustain a strong family. The way we approach our work as teams is no different. In partnership with our many suppliers – who I also thank – we have consistently demonstrated what drives us; that we care about what we do, helping people in their places of work and helping the people who ask them to be there.”

Dr Goldsmith spoke passionately about the ethos of the company and announced during his speech that he would be stepping down as our Executive Chairman, but will continue on as Medigold Health’s Life President and Founder.  Dr Goldsmith was followed by a word from our investors at the BGF.

It was then time for the first challenge of the day ‘The locator’, expertly organised by Team Spirit, which mixed all employees into diverse teams for the day. From hard hats to balloon animals and juggling the day was a wonderful success in bringing all of Medigold Health employees together, with the top three performing teams awarded for their efforts during the day with prizes. Medigold Health also matched each prize with a cash donation to a charity of the winning teams choice. 

Third place winners, Team 7,  chose to donate £500 The British Heart Foundation

Second place winners, Team 22 chose the MIND charity to receive a £1,000 donation.

And finally, our First place winners, Team 35, chose to donate £2,500 to Cancer Research UK

Our CEO Alex Goldsmith closed the day’s events with a powerful speech looking back over the last 20 years of Medigold Health and ahead to the next chapter of our business; 

‘Building a strong culture can change the game by enabling a business to grow faster than its rivals. A strong culture can beat a bad economy, can revolutionise an organisation and can encourage a host of other competition-beating achievements. In other words: we’re great because we’re Medigold Health and because we’re Medigold Health we’re great! So when we come together around something we all know that we can do great things. And we do some really great things’  

During the evening gala dinner, we said goodbye to Dr Peter Coles as he took his retirement after 20 years at Medigold Health. Dr Mike Goldsmith commended Peter for his service to the company throughout our journey and being a doctor “others should aspire to”. Dr Coles received a standing ovation and he addressed the audience to say his farewells. We wish Dr Coles very happiness in his retirement. 

Medigold Health strives to become the UK’s leading provider of healthcare, with the quality of care always being our number priority. The company still remains majority family owned and has a strong family ethos which shone throughout the event.

It was a great day and night celebrating 20 years of Medigold Health and looking forward to the future together, growing stronger and continuing to keep people in work, safe and well.

A huge thank you to Team spirit who organised seamless activities throughout the day, the team at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham for making the event run so smoothly, and finally to everyone who came and participated in the event making it such a success.  

We are Medigold Health!