Medigold Health offers fitness centre wellbeing programmes

With so many people across the UK failing to take regular exercise and spending too much time sitting down, Medigold Health has introduced a range of wellbeing services to help employees become more active.

The connection between inactivity and ill health is well known, and failure to stay active can have serious consequences. If your workforce has become a little lethargic or you are struggling with sickness absence management following a run of ill health, you may find one or several of these services extremely valuable.

Medigold Health’s services include:

  • Four-week ‘Get Active’ or ’10,000 Steps’ wellbeing challenges
  • Seminar and workshop programmes focusing on ‘Get Active’ and ‘Sit Less, Move More’
  • Management training seminars focused on reducing sedentary behaviour in the workplace: working smarter, more efficiently and healthier
  • Personal health coaching and/or personal training via email or onsite
  • Discounted health club membership schemes
  • Information campaigns containing fact sheets, posters, weekly top tip messages and announcement text

Medigold Health also manages onsite fitness centres and gyms, providing qualified individuals and teams to run fitness centres, maximise usage levels and integrate the centre’s activities into the company’s wider wellbeing programme.

Cutting the cost of sickness absence

While some business owners do not feel that the health of their employees is their responsibility, the many companies we have worked with have benefited considerably by adopting Medigold Health’s fitness and wellbeing programmes.

As well as seeing increased productivity within the workplace, many have reported a reduction in the cost of sickness absence as health levels have improved, preventing both short and long-term illness.

If you are looking for help with sickness absence management or would like to hear more about our wellbeing services, contact Medigold Health today.

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