Mental Health by Medigold Health: A summary of our support services

Proactive mental health services for employers and employees

Medigold Health’s Mental Health Services help organisations create and sustain their investment into their employee’s mental health. We do this by embedding a mental health strategy into your organisational culture and ensuring your senior leaders and people managers have the language, skills, and technology necessary for creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Petra Velzeboer, Head of Mental Health here at Medigold Health offers three stages of Mental Health support for your employees:

All Employees
Awareness training, monitoring, and event hosting applicable to all of your employees.

The greatest sustainable impact comes from leaders leading by example to create mentally healthy workplaces. Our practical skills-based leadership program ensures you have the edge in creating an environment for employees to thrive.

Specialist training
Our specialist training is for select employees who deal more specifically with people or campaign internally for mentally healthy workplaces.

Keynotes, Panel Guests and Conference Speakers

Petra Velzeboer is experienced in delivering bespoke keynotes and panel discussions on topics such as:

  •  Personal Development
  •  Motivation and Mindset
  •  Adversity and Resilience
  •  Creating a Mentally Healthy workplace
  •  Leadership and Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Training

This training will:

  • Promote a positive mental health culture within the workplace
  • Provide an overview of mental health issues and symptoms
  • Give employees the skills and tools to look after their own mental health and avoid burnout
  • Give employees tips for supporting their colleagues with mental health issues
  • Encourage open conversations about mental health and the support available when employees are struggling
Stress and Resilience Workshop
This workshop educates teams on how to: 
  • Understand triggers for stress
  • Utilise stress adrenaline for productivity
  • Learn to manage your own stresses
  • Understand resilience and how we can build it
  • Action plan for resilience

Mental Health Awareness for Leaders

This training will: 

  • Promote a positive mental health culture within the workplace
  • Provide an overview of mental health issues and symptoms
  • Give leaders the skills and tools to look after their own mental health and avoid burnout
  • Give leaders tips for supporting their staff with mental health issues
  • Understand and apply current government recommendations about mental health in the workplace

Mental Health Strategy session: Create a Mental Health at Work plan in line with the Thriving at Work report recommendations

The Mental Health Strategy session is ideal for senior managers and HR business partners who are looking to create or enhance their mental health strategy, policies and culture. Our mental health at work expert will facilitate discussion, highlight gaps in thinking, provide resources for planning and help leaders create sustainable long-term impact.

Mental Health Ambassador Program

This 1-day in-depth programme will up-skill key individuals within the organisation to act as mental health ambassadors who will support the overall Mental Health Strategy and improve employee wellbeing. This will include:

  • In-depth knowledge of mental health and mental illness
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • How to shape the mental health ambassador programme in your organisation so that it supports the overall strategy and other mental Health initiatives
  • How to support colleagues who are struggling
  • Creating an internal mental health campaign at work
  • How to talk about your own mental health at work and practise self-care

Intensive Training for HR and People Managers

This course will focus on helping HR staff to recognise the different types of mental health distress that individuals can face and to help them to work more effectively with employees who experience mental health problems and to support managers managing these employees. It will provide an opportunity to discuss their own experiences of dealing with situations they may have encountered in the workplace and to consider a number of possible interventions and strategies that can be applied in the workplace. This should be done in a way that complies with legal obligations and any statutory duty to make reasonable adjustments.

Clinical Supervision, Cross Industry Learning and Peer Support

We provide monthly supervision, peer support and cross industry learning with a clinically trained Mental Health Consultant and Psychotherapist.
Monthly themes include:

  • Culture, Engagement & Mental Health
  • Mental Health Strategy
  • Creating the business case
  • Individual cases for advice
  • Boundaries and self-care / burnout
  • Ongoing change – leading by example

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

If you are looking for a globally validated course that allows you to qualify specific Mental Health First Aiders, then this course is for you. All facilitators are accredited MHFA instructors.

This course qualifies participants as Mental Health First Aiders and is designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. Participants will gain an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing.

Trauma Risk Management

This course is led by an experienced Trauma Specialist, Clinical Psychotherapist, and EMDR specialist.
While it is not training managers to be counsellors, we believe it is imperative that a wide range of knowledge is covered to offer practical skills for leaders to support employees and signpost to services following a traumatic incident.

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