Sharpen performance, improve resilience.

with MyCognition, in partnership with Medigold Health

Stress and mental health-related conditions are the most common causes of long-term absence in the  UK. With businesses now starting to realise the financial and productivity cost of absence, employee health and emotional wellbeing has moved further up the corporate agenda. However, cognitive fitness is often overlooked despite the fact it is identified as a significant risk factor in many mental health conditions.

MyCognitionPRO is an innovative, cost-effective, digital programme designed to improve your employee’s cognitive fitness, resulting in improved workplace performance and increased mental resilience.


  • App based cognitive assessment tool
  • Designed and built by cognitive scientists
  • Personalised cognitive training
  • NHS Mobile App approved
  • Validated by science (Class 1A Medical Device)
  • Optimised with live user data
  • Promotes individual wellbeing
  • Increases cognitive fitness, including problem solving, recall, focus and accuracy
  • Improves ability to cope with challenges
  • Reduces stress and mental health issues
  • Improves mental resilience
  • Helps to regulate emotions and mood
  • Improved employee performance 
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Facilitates return to work
NHS App Approved

NHS Approved App

Launched in April 2017, the NHS Approved App library is designed to give patients easy access to proven, trusted and easy to use digital apps to help them make better choices about their health and wellbeing. In June 2018, MyCognition received full approval from the NHS and now features in the Approved App library.

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