How one group of managers increased its team’s energy levels

Medigold Health recently helped one client company carry out a team wellbeing challenge ( with surprisingly positive results. The occupational health provider’s wellbeing challenge is designed to be fun, mildly competitive and educational, while ultimately introducing important behavioural changes.

The company involved worked in teams of five, each vying to acquire the highest number of ‘energy points’ over a four-week period. Each team was given eight daily energy habits to follow each day, and at the end of the challenge there were prizes for the top team, top individual and the team with the best name.

Results of the wellbeing challenge

The average task completion rate for all participants was 69%, while 20% of participants scored above 90% when it came to task completion. The results of the wellbeing scheme showed that:

  • Prior to the challenge, 69% of participants felt they needed to improve their energy
  • 92% were satisfied with their progress at the end of the challenge
  • 63% stated that energy levels had improved
  • 67% of participants felt more engaged at work and 57% felt more engaged at home
  • At the end of the challenge, 80% felt generally better, 60% felt fitter, and 60% felt more resilient in the face of pressures and problems
  • 100% of participants said they intended to maintain their new energy habits

Find out more about our wellbeing challenge

Occupational health provider Medigold Health has seen excellent results through its wellbeing challenge and other health surveillance initiatives, which has prompted long-term improvement in many cases.

If you are finding that your staff feel tired and lack energy, or that your company is experiencing high levels of sickness absence, it is worth considering a wellbeing challenge.

Contact Medigold today to find out more or  to arrange a consultation with one of our health surveillance experts.

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