What is the optimum bed time for the best sleep?

Feeling tired all the time is now so common that it has its own acronym in medical circles – TATT. GP’s are now reporting that tiredness is one of the most common complaints they see in their surgeries.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists report that at any given time, one in five people in the UK feels unusually tired, and one in ten people have prolonged fatigue.  A common cause of this is that we just don’t devote enough time to sleep.

The optimum time to go to bed to achieve the best sleep will be different for each of us because we all need different amounts of sleep to sort your own sleep schedule out, leading occupational health providers, Medigold have come up with this simple 4-point exercise to calculate your optimum bed-time:

  1. Work out how much sleep do you need each night
  2. Ask yourself what time you need to get up each morning
  3. Now work backwards to determine what time you need to switch the light off.
  4. Then add 20-30 minutes to allow you time to relax before switching off the light.

This will indicate the best time for you to go to bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Good sleep and health in the workplace


Plan your life by prioritising by importance – the important things take precedence over everything else. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to your day time performance and how well you feel, therefore it should be on everybody’s priority list.

Most of us do not get enough sleep, this could be due to the environments in which we work, technology, family or just the ability to switch off at the end of the day.  In the short-term the lack of sleep will have a negative impact on ones judgement with basic tasks. Going without sleep on a long-term basis can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s wellbeing as well as their ability to function within the workplace.

Businesses today are measured on, not only the bottom line, but how effective and productive our employees are when they are at work.  Businesses cannot afford employees to lack focus and make mistakes due to tiredness so promoting good sleep is vital for  maintaining good health in the workplace.

So, with lack of sleep having been identified as one of today’s key health issues facing employers, it makes sense to consult professional occupational health providers, like Medigold for advice on how to combat it.

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