Do your people ‘know their numbers’?

How many people in your workplace know the important numbers, for example the amount of exercise we should do per week, blood pressure levels, cholesterol scores or units of alcohol drunk? These numbers are key health benchmarks that allow people to easily monitor and evaluate their health behaviour and status.

Health screening findings

Medigold Health delivers health screening programmes across the UK for both public and private sector companies. Having consolidated the profiles of all organisations into one ‘average employee population’ profile, Medigold claims that people really need to take action:

Weight loss: nearly two-thirds of employees have problems with their weight, with 34% overweight and 30% obese

Exercise: approximately 80% of employees don’t take regular exercise at desirable levels

Cholesterol: almost one in three employees appear to have unhealthy eating regimes, with 8% referred to a GP for high cholesterol and 24% displaying borderline levels, which could potentially point to major problems in the future

Blood pressure: more than a quarter of employees have borderline high or high blood pressure levels

Workplace health indicators

Health satisfaction ratings provide interesting anecdotal insights into workplace health and employee wellbeing, particularly in the following four areas:

Energy: approximately 27% of employees are dissatisfied with their daily energy levels

Sleep: around 33% of employees are dissatisfied with the amount and quality of sleep they get

Stress: approximately 29% of employees are dissatisfied with their daily stress levels

Work-life balance: around 20% of employees are unhappy with their work-life balance

With around a third of employees claiming to be unhappy with their daily energy, sleep and stress levels, what is the potential impact on the workforce’s efficiency, productivity and engagement? Workplace health experts Medigold have carried out extensive research on this subject and believes the impact is often profound.

Want to know more about health screening?

Medigold has put together a free ‘Know Your Numbers’ mini toolkit (two factsheets and a poster/leaflet) for employers and employees alike. To receive a copy, email Richard Holmes, head of employee wellbeing services at You can also email Richard for more information about Medigold’s lifestyle and health screening services.

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