Productivity directly related to health

Workplace health crucial to productivity

According to research by Aviva Health:

  • 63% of UK employers and over three-quarters (78%) of employees believe that health has a direct effect on productivity.
  • 47% of employers said that the impact of the recession and the need to be more productive and efficient has made them realise the importance of looking after the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Increased focus on health in the workplace

Over the last 3 years the pressure on organisations and individual employees to increase productivity has really taken hold, leading businesses to re-assess their medical risk management and sickness and absence management policies.

Richard Holmes, Head of Employee Wellbeing says, “In our experience the last couple of years have seen a significant uplift in organisations embracing employee wellbeing. Organisational change and increasingly, a need for people to work harder and for longer, with less resources seems to have really focused employers’ minds on employee wellbeing and the recognition that a fitter and healthier workforce really is good for business.”

Seek expert medical risk management advice

If you are worried about how the health of your workforce could impact on the productivity of your organisation, it is worth consulting experts, like Medigold Health, to find out how to improve or introduce your medical risk management strategies.

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