How to protect your business against flu

The NHS believes that 20% of the UK workforce will contract the influenza virus in an average year; however, this rate can climb much higher in years when an epidemic is reported. As the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified a heightened risk of flu for the current season, introducing flu jabs could help to protect employees from the severe symptoms associated with flu.

The ‘flu jab’: know the facts

Research shows that a vaccination campaign can result in a reduction in staff illness by approximately 50%. Offering your staff a flu vaccination is cost-effective, enhances employee wellbeing and promotes a healthier, more productive workforce. However, it is worth remembering that because the flu virus changes constantly, it is important for employees to rebuild defences with a new flu jab every year.

Taking regular exercise

A recent study has revealed that those who exercise regularly are less likely to get colds during the autumn and winter months. As well as reducing the risk of catching a cold by almost 50%, the symptoms for those who did come down with one were less severe.   The average duration of colds amongst those who exercise regularly (defined as 5 or more days a week) lasted five days, on average.  This compared with nine days for those who did little or no exercise.

Improving workplace health

Medigold Health has been working with businesses for many years to ensure that staff members remain as healthy and effective in their workplaces as possible. Our team of occupational health experts will provide flu season assistance, covering advice on how to avoid catching a cold or flu, and what to do if employees fall ill. We can also offer information and advice on healthy eating, regular exercise and flu jabs.

If you are interested in improving and maintaining workplace health within your business, contact occupational health provider Medigold Health today.

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