Sickness absence levels need tackling

According to government research, as many as 960,000 employees were on sick leave for a month or more each year on average between October 2010 and September 2013. Around 300,000 people are believed to end up out of work and in the welfare system each year due to health-related issues.

The cost of sickness absence is high for:

  1. Taxpayers, who pay approximately £13 billion a year collectively in health-related sickness benefits
  2. Employers, who pay out a collective £9 billion in sick pay and related benefits

Sickness absence costs businesses a huge amount of money every year, and this can take a significant toll on the company’s profits. Not only does the firm have to pay sick pay, it also has to account for reduced productivity, low morale, extra managerial duties, replacement resources and training costs.

Causes of sickness absence

A whole range of issues can lead to sickness absence, including fatigue and work-related stress. For example, figures from Warwick University show that around one-fifth of people in the developed world suffer from sleep problems, which can eventually lead to illness and absence from work.

Medigold can help reduce the cost of sickness absence

Our fully trained occupational health consultants can advise you on ways to prevent sickness absence in your workplace. By putting in place preventative measures and health surveillance, we can help you to keep your staff healthy and productive, inadvertently saving you money. Furthermore, if an employee is unable to work for health reasons, we will help to ensure that their return is as speedy and straightforward as possible.

Contact Medigold to find out how we can help your business cut the cost of sickness absence.

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