Someone dies of a heart attack every seven minutes

According to research from the British Heart Foundation (BHF), more than seven million people in the UK suffer from heart and circulatory conditions. This represents 11.5% of the British population.

Perhaps more worryingly, a study from the Bristol Heart Institute suggests that heart disease now accounts for almost half of all deaths in the UK, and it is estimated that someone dies of a heart attack every seven minutes.

The underlying cause of the majority of heart attacks is poor lifestyle spanning many years, which eventually takes its toll on the individual’s cardiovascular system. However, research shows that even after years of damage, changes to diet, reducing stress, improving sleep patterns, cutting down on smoking and drinking, and taking regular exercise can make a real difference.

Getting a full health check can help to establish the individual’s key health numbers and to identify any potential risks. Anyone aged 40 or over in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland is entitled to a full health check with their GP, while those in Wales can also address any health concerns with their local doctor. Those aged under 40 can visit the practice nurse.

The benefits of health screening

Another excellent way to monitor health is to undertake a healthy heart screening programme. Medigold Health provides health screening programmes for public and private companies, helping to ensure that participants are aware of any risks to their health and that they are able to implement any necessary lifestyle changes.

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