Is there still a stigma attached to stress?

According to a recent survey from mental health charity Mind, there is a widespread feeling among employees that mental health issues, including stress, are still taboo in the workplace. The figures suggest that 90% of people who have taken time off work due to stress failed to cite stress as the reason for their absence.

The data suggests many people fear they will be discriminated if they speak to an employer about stress. However, the charity claims staying silent about it makes matters worse.

Mind is urging employers to create an open and supportive environment so that staff members feel they will be supported rather than discriminated against if they suffer from stress or other mental health problems. Together with Rethink Mental Illness, the charity runs an anti-stigma campaign called Time to Change. Its top tips for employers include:

  • Thinking about existing policies and practices that address staff wellbeing
  • Considering the ways in which mental health and stress are discussed within the workplace
  • Questioning whether, and how, wellbeing is being promoted at work
  • Making sure staff and managers are supported
  • Looking at practical ways to reduce stress levels

Getting around the stigma with Medigold Health

If you are looking to reduce the stigma associated with stress and other mental health problems in your workplace, it may help to use the services of an occupational health provider like Medigold Health. As well as being difficult for members of staff to deal with, long-term stress can lead to prolonged sickness and absence, so it is worth looking into.

Occupational health providers are trained to recognise the early signs of stress as well as finding practical ways to alleviate stress in the workplace. As sickness and absence can prove inconvenient and costly for employers, it is well worth investigating how a company like Medigold can help to identify and alleviate high levels of stress.

Contact Medigold today for more information.

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