What is TATT and how can we tackle it in the workplace?

At any given time, 20% of people in the UK feel unusually tired, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and 10% have prolonged fatigue. Feeling exhausted has become so common that an acronym for the condition – ‘tired all the time’ (TATT) – has become common in the medical world.

Working smarter rather than harder

People often feel that pressured into working long hours, day after day, despite the fact that the associated tiredness, fatigue or exhaustion compromises their health and performance. The secret is to work smarter rather than harder. This involves energy management, by balancing exposure to stress and demands with appropriate periods of recovery.

The link between stress and growth

Stress is the stimulus for growth, while recovery is the time when growth actually occurs. The world of sports performance understands this very well. In top performance sport, a critical part of the recipe for achieving sustained high performance is to concentrate on rest and recovery.

Working too many hours can harm your health

In 2011, a significant study published by University College London tracked the health of 7,000 civil service employees over a 25-year period. During this time, 192 suffered a heart attack and the study showed that those who worked 11 hours or more each day were 67% more likely to have a heart attack than those who worked shorter hours. The researchers concluded that if GPs were to add working hours to their usual list of heart questions they could potentially predict 6,000 more of the 125,000 Brits who suffer heart attacks each year.

Getting the right balance

Those who are able to intersperse their peaks of high energy when they are working hard with troughs of recuperation:

  • Are more focused and concentrate better
  • Don’t take as long to complete tasks
  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Are more flexible in their thinking
  • Are more resilient when things go wrong

How Medigold Health can help

As stress and fatigue are two of the major causes of sickness and absence for UK businesses, workplace health expert Medigold has developed strategies to help business owners and their staff work more efficiently while reducing pressure levels. If you or your employees are experiencing continual tiredness, now is the time to act.

Sickness and absence can often be prevented with the right help.

Contact Medigold Health today to find out how you could significantly improve your workplace health.

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