Time to Talk Day – 7th February 2019

Time to Talk Day brings the nation together and encourages us all to get talking and break the silence around mental health. With mental health conditions affecting 1 in 4 of us, it is surprising how much stigma still surrounds discussing it openly.

Normalising the mental health conversation by encouraging everyone to talk about it can break down stereotypes, improve relationships,  and aid recovery.

Most people struggling with mental illness just need support, however, only they know what will help them so don’t be tempted to offer quick fixes. Maybe they would benefit from professional help, but don’t force it. Simply do your best to be supportive, start a conversation, listen, don’t treat them any differently and be patient.

Mental Health awareness in the workplace is also vital, as an organisation you should look to encourage open conversations about mental health and advise what support is available to employees who are struggling. Organisations who invest in mental wellbeing in the workplace tend to see a difference in their employees’ motivation and engagement.

Medigold Health offer of Mental Health support for your employees

  •  All Employees

Awareness training, monitoring and event hosting that is applicable to all of your employees.

  • Leadership

The greatest sustainable impact comes from leaders leading by example to create mentally healthy workplaces.  Our practical skills-based leadership program ensures you have the edge in creating the best place to work. 

  • Specialist training

Our specialist training is for select employees who deal more specifically with people or campaign internally for mentally healthy workplaces.

Medigold Health’s Mental Health Services will strategically help you create and sustain the investment into your organisation’s mental health. We do this by embedding mental health strategy into your organisational culture and ensuring senior leaders and people managers have the language, skills and technology necessary for creating a mentally healthy workplace.

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