UK sickness and absence rate one of highest

The UK has one of the highest sickness and absence rates with an average 9.1 days off work taken for sickness taken by UK workers – so says a report from Price Waterhouse Cooper (2013).  This compared to 4.9 days in the US and 7.3 days for Western Europe.

UK employees were found to be taking fewer unscheduled absence days compared with two years ago (9.8 days in 2013 versus 10.1 days in 2011), but the number of days taking for illness rose from 8.7 days in 2011 to 9.1 days in 2013.

What is your cost of sickness absence?

How does your organisation compare? Will the demographics of your workforce be changing in the future as people have to work for longer before they retire? If yes, are you likely to see your cost of sickness absence rise in the future?

Sickness Absence Management

Richard Holmes, Head of Employee Wellbeing says, “In our experience the last couple of years have seen a significant uplift in organisations embracing employee wellbeing. Organisational change and increasingly, a need for people to work harder and for longer, with less resources seems to have really focused employers’ minds on employee wellbeing and the recognition that a fitter and healthier workforce really is good for business.”
Can you start improving, or introducing, a sickness absence management strategy now by improving the health & wellbeing of your people?   Occupational health experts, Medigold Health, can help.  They can provide businesses with a range of sickness absence management and other risk-management strategies to help protect and retain members of staff.

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