Working in the sun – how to avoid sunburn

Sunburn can be very painful and can lead to staff sickness and absence  so it is well worth employers educating staff, particularly for those working outside.

To help, leading occupational health providers, Medigold, have come up with the following handy points to remember to do and things to beware of when working in the sun.


  1. Spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm where possible
  2. If you work outdoors, make sure you spend your breaks in the shade
  3. Allow for reflection – up to 85% of UV rays can be reflected back from snow, sand, cement and water
  4. Cover up with loose clothing if there’s no shade around.  It’s the best way to protect your skin from the sun.
  5. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face, neck, ears and head.
  6. Wear sunglasses, where possible, to protect your eyes A wraparound style is recommended for full protection.
  7. Use a sunscreen – applying at least SPF 15 sunscreen before you go outside
  8. Beware of sunscreens offering all day protection with one application
  9. Use generous amounts of sunscreen at every application and always apply to clean dry skin
  10. If you are working outside and doing strenuous activity, use a specialist sunscreen for sports or with a low oil content.


  1. Heavy cloud cover does offer protection but you will still burn on a day when there is thin or  scattered cloudS.
  2. Always read the label on your sunglasses before purchase.  Sunglasses offering quality protection will be marked:  ‘CE Mark’ & British Standard (BS  EN 1836:1997), UV 400 label,  ‘offers 100% UV protection’.
  3. Sunscreen won’t last all day.  Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours (or sooner).

Cutting the cost of sickness absence

UK occupational health advisors,  Medigold Health, can work with your company to provide ongoing preventative health advice to  ensure that your employees are looking after themselves well.

Our aim, at Medigold,  is to reduce the cost of sickness absence for your firm by helping your employees to make the right health and lifestyle choices and sustain them.

If you want to experience the benefits this can bring your business, contact Medigold Health today for expert occupational health advice.

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