How to choose an occupational health provider

Occupational health providers are trained to protect businesses from sickness absence, injury in the workplace and legal action should a health-related dispute arise. Therefore, it is vital that those giving occupational health advice are fully trained and up-to-speed with the latest government legislation regarding health, employment and workers’ rights.

Any organisation looking to employ the services of an occupational health provider should check the credentials of the practitioners it employs, ensuring that:

  • Doctors have the required Diploma in Occupational Medicine (DOccMed)
  • Nurses are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Managers are experienced in human resources matters such as occupational health, employee leave, insurance and pensions
  • Customer services staff are knowledgeable and able to refer queries to the relevant department
  • Medical secretaries are experienced in producing accurate medical reports

Occupational health providers offer peace of mind

If all of these bases are covered, businesses can rest assured that the occupational health advice they receive will help to identify any health concerns among new employees and to establish a baseline of health for each member of staff. Occupational health providers will identify potential risks to employees as well as early signs of illness, allowing intervention to take place as soon as possible.

They will accurately assess whether employees are fit for work if they have previously been unable to work and may suggest temporary adjustments to the role where necessary. Occupational health providers will also provide training for those in management so that they are more aware of risks and are able to spot signs of impending illness. This can help to prevent and minimise work-related illness and injury and protect the company from litigation should an accident or illness occur.

Medigold employs fully trained medical, managerial and administrative staff, ensuring that the occupational health advice you receive is of the highest standard.

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Faculty of Occupational Medicine

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