Employee burnout a major cause of absenteeism

Recent research from Canada Life Group Insurance revealed that 26% of employees have called in sick despite not being ill. Although some do so for trivial reasons, such as a hangover, many employees claim to have taken sick leave due to stress or tiredness.

According to the company, this suggests that employees – and potentially their employers – do not equate these conditions with physical illnesses, and many do not recognise the potential seriousness of these problems if they are not properly addressed.

The study found that:

  • 17% of those who called in sick did so because they were tired
  • 12% of respondents needed time off due to work-related stress
  • Employee ‘burnout’, caused by a skewed work/life balance, is one of the leading causes of absenteeism.

The report highlighted a worrying lack of communication between employees and employers in cases when working conditions are contributing to poor workplace health. Failure to address underlying issues such as tiredness, workplace stress and an unhealthy work-life balance will undoubtedly result in recurrent patterns of absenteeism, which can have an extremely negative impact on business productivity.

How regular health surveillance can prevent burnout

Employee burnout is becoming increasingly common, with high stress levels and tiredness often leading to long-term sickness absence. Medigold Health has been working with a vast number of businesses to prevent this, implementing regular health surveillance programmes to spot the early signs of stress and to help employers take measures to improve workplace health.

Our job is to protect employees from high levels of stress and other work-related illnesses as well as helping employers to keep their workers healthy and productive.

Contact Medigold Health today to find out more about our health surveillance services.

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