Why employers need an occupational health provider

Occupational health providers are responsible for assessing the impact of an employee’s work on his or her health and ensuring that the worker is up to the task. While some employers feel they are able to do this job themselves, finding an organisation that is qualified to carry out this analysis can help to reduce the chance of litigation, protect workers, improve staff performance and retention, and cut the costs associated with sickness absence.

Benefits of occupational health advice for workers

Workplace circumstances are constantly changing, and this can bring about both advantages and disadvantages for employees. An occupational health provider can help to protect employees by:

  • Establishing a baseline of health at the point of employment and identifying any existing health problems
  • Putting in place preventative measures to help keep employees safe and healthy
  • Ensuring that stress levels are kept to a minimum
  • Carrying out regular health surveillance
  • Intervening if the worker is considered to be at risk and advising on treatment if it is needed

Benefits of occupational health advice for employers

Most employers care about their staff and are keen to protect them regardless of any repercussions for the company. However, there are also significant benefits to business owners in protecting workers using the services of an occupational health provider, for example to:

  • Reduce the risk of litigation if a health-related dispute arises
  • Prevent long-term sickness absence
  • Enhance productivity levels and output
  • Cut staff turnover and, in doing so, reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Ensure that the business complies with government legislation relating to health, safety and employment

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