Why use placement screening services?

The aim of placement screening is to verify the credentials of prospective job applicants and to ensure that they meet the preconditions of employment; namely that they are fit for work and able to do the specific job in question. Carrying out employee screening can help to protect businesses from loss of earnings and even litigation should an employee who is not deemed fit apply for a position.

Employee screening must be undertaken in accordance with:

  • The Data Protection Act (1998), which affects the processing of an individual’s personal details
  • The Employment Rights Act (1996), which covers fair dismissal, written contracts and flexible working
  • The Equality Act (2010), which protects employees from discrimination
  • The Immigration Asylum and Nationality Act (2006), which relates to nationality and the individual’s right to work in the UK
  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974), which deals with criminal convictions
  • The Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act (1993), which covers employment conditions, leave and unfair dismissal

Finding a qualified employee screening provider

Because placement screening is such a complex and sensitive issue, many businesses use a third-party organisation to carry it out. These companies usually use a combination of pre-screening questionnaires, background checks, nurse telephone consultations (NTCs) and medical examinations to determine whether the applicant is up to the job.

An occupational health advisor will help business owners to determine whether the applicant has any pre-existing medical conditions that may prevent him or her from doing the job effectively, saving the business time and money in the long term.

Medigold provides a swift and comprehensive employee screening service for companies of all sizes, employing experienced occupational health advisors to ensure that the information is processed properly while also protecting the prospective employee’s rights.

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